At Hino, we understand that your vehicle is an integral part of your business and livelihood. Every minute that a truck is on the road equates to opportunities for growth. Right at the core of our brand philosophy is TOTAL SUPPORT. Total Support guides us in our daily operations as we strive to ensure maximized uptime for our customers’ vehicles, all while maintaining ownership cost at a minimum.

Who knows more about your Hino other than Hino? By choosing to have your truck maintained at our authorized Hino dealerships, you are in fact guaranteeing prolonged operability for your vehicle. Our highly trained Hino service technicians undergo rigorous technical trainings direct from our national headquarters, so you are assured that your truck is handled only by the most capable hands.

A commercial vehicle is no small investment. Entrust your maintenance and repair only to our Hino professionals. With more than 21 Hino dealerships and service centers around the nation, only we can deliver the expert servicing and care your investment deserves. Here are some of the many reasons to choose Hino Quality Service.


Each business has its own specific needs. Help us create the best-suited service package for your fleet guaranteeing fixed rates on parts and labor, plus so much more! Through Hino’s Service Level Agreement, customers get the best value on aftersales services with guaranteed advantages on fleet management such as the following:

  • As much as 20% discount on services
  • Price protection within the contract term
  • Service reminders
  • PMS/ Demand Repair Schedule Management
  • Nationwide dealer coverage
  • On-site servicing
  • Roadside assistance
  • Eco-Driving trainings


Let us help you ensure your workhorse is always in tip-top shape. Our Hino Customer Service Officers (CSO) are ready to assist in booking and reminding you of your next maintenance schedule. Never skip a service interval again!


Assistance in Preventive Maintenance schedule planning


Maintenance reminder from our CSO


Ensures the correct Preventive Maintenance package for the customer


Accurate records on Preventive Maintenance service history


We are committed to provide the easiest and most convenient service experience. Let Hino assist in securing your service appointments and book yourself a smooth and hassle-free time with us.


  • Book your preferred vehicle maintenance date
  • Secure complete service requirements on tools, equipment and technician availability
  • Ensure parts availability at time of appointment


  • Value-added service offering both corrective and preventive vehicle upkeep
  • Hino parts life forecasting to help avoid issues related to parts wear and tear




Understanding commercial vehicle operations means accepting the tall business requirement of very little to zero downtime. In this industry, a disrupted trip schedule can result to a disrupted supply and logistics chain, a scenario that can cause even bigger problems for businesses and end-users.

That is why at Hino, an integral part of our customer support activities is attending to units wherever their operations take them. Due to almost round-the-clock utilization of some vehicles, we realize the difficulty of some businesses to bring their units to a Hino dealer workshop. Through our Onsite Service program, Hino deploys a team of proficient and highly trained mechanics to perform servicing of our customers’ units at their own motor pool or wherever the vehicle may be stationed.


  • HIRA - Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • WSO - World Safety Organization
  • BOSH - Basic Occupational Safety and Health


Complete Japan standard quality equipment

Vehicle breakdown can be a real challenge. Hino is equipped to respond to such incidents through our extensive network of dealerships nationwide. In case of road mishaps or sudden mechanical issues, we have a team of technicians fully equipped and ready to support.

Eco-Driving Trainings are another value-added service Hino offers its customers. Here, trainers from Hino Motors Philippines (HMP) visit clients in their locations or invite them to the headquarters to share proper and safer ways to operate their Hino vehicles.

Aside from improving fuel efficiency, knowing proper vehicle handling and maintenance also reduce wear and tear, unplanned repair expenses and helps extend overall vehicle life. The outcome – a work vehicle that delivers the job well and a faster return on investment.

Introduction and lecture on vehicle specifications

Hands-on training: Proper shifting

Hands-on training: Vehicle walk-around and inspection

Hands-on training: Observation of current driving habits and data gathering using Hino software

Eco Driving Lecture

Hands-on training: Application of Eco-driving methodologies for safety and fuel efficiency

Lecture on driving data results; Comparison of normal vs. Eco-driving, highlighting improvement points

Our strategic dealer locations nationwide allow accessibility for customers’ vehicle and service requirements anytime, anywhere.

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