In the transport and logistics industry, the state of a vehicle directly affects the state of one’s business. Shield your valued investment from risks that come with day-to-day operations.

Hino Insure provides comprehensive commercial vehicle protection against losses arising from accidents, theft and Acts of Nature (optional). Run your business with ease, knowing your workhorse is secure and covered.

Competitive Rates
Hino Quality Service
Fast Claims Processing
Minimal Participation Fee
Roadside Assistance
Minor On-site Repairs

When you choose Hino Insure, you also choose:

  • Peace of mind
  • A business owner already has a lot to think about in their daily operations. Hino Insure relieves the owner of worries in case his vehicle encounters certain mishaps on the road.

  • Security of investment
  • A truck is no small investment. It is imperative that it’s protected from untoward incidents and their subsequent costs.

  • Minimal downtime
  • In this business, a truck is only as good as it’s running. Hino Insure provides added means to cover for repairs or losses immediately. This way, the vehicle is attended to immediately cutting down idle time compared to when the owner still needs to raise funds for repairs.

  • Hino Quality Service
  • Hino Insure guarantees top quality service performed only by Hino-trained technicians. As repairs are automatically forwarded to authorized dealers, the customer is also assured that only Hino spare parts will be used


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