700 Series

700 Series MODELS

How far can we take reliability when we speak of trucks? We believe the HINO 700 Series of heavy-duty trucks has a clear answer to this question. With engines that are designed with the aim of delivering good fuel efficiency and low emissions, it provides powerful driving performance, high durability, transport quality, and flexible body-building capability, as well as comfort.

The HINO 700 Series has been designed to be endowed with levels of performance and reliability through tests repeated many times to develop the ideal heavy-duty truck based on data gathered from various countries around the world. But it is not only enhancing the potential of its products that HINO pursues.

As a solid business partner, we constantly ask ourselves, “How can we meet our customers’ needs and continue to deliver high levels of satisfaction?” And because the answer to this question—HINO’s after-sales support system—comes with the HINO 700 Series, we hope it will remain a trusted partner for you as a worthy champion of reliability.

FS1E (Euro 4)
Key Features:
  • 32,300 - 33,000 kg. Gross Vehicle Weight
  • 3,655 - 4,640 + 1,310 mm. Wheelbase
  • 410 PS Max. Output (ISO)
FY1EUSM (Euro 4)
Key Features:
  • 39,200 kg. Gross Vehicle Weight
  • 1,850 + 3,500 + 1,310 mm. Wheelbase
  • 410 PS Max. Output (ISO)
SH1EESA (Euro 4)
Key Features:
  • 45,500 kg. Gross Combination Mass
  • 3,300 mm. Wheelbase
  • 410 PS Max. Output (ISO)
SS1EKSA (Euro 4)
Key Features:
  • 60,000 kg. Gross Combination Mass
  • 3,300 + 1,310 mm. Wheelbase
  • 450 PS Max. Output (ISO)